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About Us

We love serving you fashion! We love styling your occasions, at JHENYA we do more then just sell clothing, it’s like your very own huge closest at your fingertips. Try on clothes, swirl around & step out with style. We make woman feel empowered and good about themselves with Confidence & Grace 💋

“Make A Statement With JHENYA” get your Stylish, Great Quality, Affordable Priced, Bold, Unique, and Trendy attire with us.

JHENYA is a lifestyle that meets your expectations.

Fun Fact:

JHENYA was my grandmothers name. When I was born it was suppose to be my name but she didn’t like that name on herself and didn’t want to name me that. As a little girl dreaming of my own clothing line I always played around with name and nothing seemed right. As I got older and chased my dream as a Fashion Designer I knew that name was just perfect for my brand. Years later here I am in Westfield Malls proudly running my store and business under JHENYA.